Advisory Board


The Advisory Board is charged with guiding the programs and activities of the Bolch Judicial Institute. Its responsibilities include long-range planning, creating programs, monitoring the Institute’s budget, and selecting the recipient of the Bolch Prize, an annual prize recognizing individuals or entities who have distinguished themselves in the preservation or advancement of the rule of law. Sitting judges serve in an honorary capacity and do not participate in fundraising efforts or specific funding decisions. The following judges and lawyers were appointed to the Bolch Judicial Institute Board of Directors in 2018:

In addition to the Advisory Board, the Bolch Institute is also guided by the following Duke Law faculty members, all experts in the study of the judiciary:

Duke Law Faculty Advisors

  • Mitu Gulati, Professor of Law
  • Jack Knight, Frederic Cleaveland Professor of Law and Political Science
  • Margaret Lemos, Robert G. Seaks LL.B. ’34 Professor of Law and Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Research
  • Marin Levy, Associate Professor of Law