Judicial Studies LLM

Full Scholarship

Duke Law provides a full scholarship to all admitted judges, which covers tuition and fees, housing, and a meal subsidy.

Full Scholarship Covers:
Tuition (per year) $22,000 (approx.)
Health Fee (per year, mandatory) $186 (approx.)
Transcript Fee (mandatory, one time only) $40 (approx.)
Room and Board $3,000 (approx.)
Books and Materials $500 (approx.)
TOTAL $25,236 per year (approx.)

Duke Law requests that admitted judges pursue all available funding resources from their court, associated agencies, or other funds that may appropriately be used for educational purposes. We also request judges to defray, if possible, any of the expense to the extent they can do so financially.  We are seeking support from outside organizations and alumni to assist in reducing the cost of the program for judges.