Programs and Conferences


The Bolch Judicial Institute provides an array of unique educational opportunities for judges, academics, lawyers, and students, including certificate programs, conferences and symposia, workshops, and opportunities for judges to work in residence at Duke Law School.

Listed below are current conferences and programs. For information on these and past conferences, please contact us at

Distinguished Judge in Residence Program

The Bolch Judicial Institute’s Distinguished Judge in Residence brings outstanding jurists to visit Duke Law School to spend time with faculty and students and to pursue scholarly interests. These visits also offer the Duke Law community the rare opportunity to spend time with and learn from a distinguished judge.

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The Trauma-Informed Court

The Bolch Judicial Institute, in partnership with Chief Justice Paul Newby (N.C. Supreme Court) and the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts, is developing an educational program for judges and other court administrators on the effects of juvenile trauma. The first training program is expected to begin in 2021.

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Mass-Tort MDL Certificate Program

This multiday course provides a unique opportunity to gain practical insight, network with key players, and develop the skills and knowledge needed to prepare for leadership roles in multidistrict litigation. 

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The Francis McGovern Symposium on Civil Litigation

This annual symposium, held in honor of the late Duke Law Professor Francis McGovern, brings together judges, practitioners, and academics to discuss and advance topics related to Professor McGovern’s pioneering work in civil litigation, including multidistrict litigation, mass harms, mediation, legal strategy, settlement, special masters, and class actions. (Launching in 2021)

Lemkin Rule of Law Gaurdian

Raphael Lemkin Rule of Law Guardians

The Raphael Lemkin Rule of Law Guardian program honors remarkable individuals who have made significant contributions to guard and protect the rule of law around the world. As part of this series, live recorded events and personal interviews with the honorees remind us all of the power of an individual to make a difference.

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